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Who we are

The Big Sky Lodge
at Terelj
National Park

“Mongolia‘s Rocky mountain landscape to call your own.

It’s a place where dreams are as grand as the Eternal Blue sky and adventures abound in every season. Endless activities reawaken you. Luxury accommodations rejuvenate you. Outstanding meals revitalize you.
Create memories to last a lifetime at Terelj’s most exclusive lodge and ger camp. Ideal place for family escapes and celebrations, The Big Sky Lodge’s features exclusively designed for discretionary travelers, corporate group retreats.

Rooms & Suites


Room #1

Beds: 2
Bed size: 1.2m

Starting from

180,000 MNT

(Per night)

Room #2

Beds: 2
Bed size: 1.2m

Starting from

220,000 MNT

(Per night)

Room #3

Beds: 2
Bed size: 1.5m/1.2m

Starting from

220,000 MNT

(Per night)

Room #4

Beds: 2
Bed size: 1.5m/1.2m

Starting from

220,000 MNT

(Per night)


Beds: 2
Bed size: 1.5m

Starting from

280,000 MNT

(Per night)


Bedroom: 2
Kitchen: 1

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The Dining Room

The Dining room is in the Lodge and boasts 6m ceilings, including a huge open-hearth fireplace, dining and bar area with panoramic window views from the balcony inside the dining room.

Guests also have access to our famous wine collection from all around the world. In the bar, we have a good selection of local and Western beers. The bar menu is pretty complete. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and have a full bar menu. Although we serve Western-style food as well as Japanese and Korean cuisine per request, we are famous for the traditional Mongolian dishes we serve. In fact, the most popular item we serve is our Huushuurs. After a long walk, or a ride on a horse, our restaurant is a great place to re-charge.

The menu includes Japanese, Chicken, Steak, Chops and Sausage. We also do the best job, this side of Kharkhorin, with Buuz, Banch, Tsuivan and our Huushuurs.

Give us a little notice, and we'll prepare the best Khorhog (traditional pressure-cooked Sheep) in Mongolia and our special Big Sky Chicken (whole chicken roasted in firewood oven).

The Lodge Buyout

Natural beauty
to call your own
in lodge buyout

For the ultimate in privacy and luxury for your destination wedding, corporate retreat or family occasion, inquire about the opportunity for the lodge and gers to be ‘yours’ alone.

Complete buyout packages offer a fully customizable experience brimming with excitement and beauty, with rates based on seasonality and a minimum 2-night stay.

Be enveloped in pure luxury in the heart of Terelj Valley for an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime!


we offer a vast array
of activities

Regardless of the season, Big Sky Lodge offers a vast array of activities. From golfing in the nearby 18 hole unique golf course to adventurous horseback riding, mountain biking and rejuvenating spa experiences, the Lodge is proud to offer a number of activities for everyone in your party.

From November to January

Winter Activities

In the winter, explore our trails by cross-country skis, tour the valley on endless snowmobile trails, or snowshoe, or sleigh ride with your children. Afterwards warm up by the fireside with a glass of mulled wine.

Regardless of the season

Game rooms

We also have a several Game Rooms in the Lodge building . We have a football table, ice hockey table, ping pong table and a nice poker table, complete with cards, chips, etc.

Regardless of the season

Indoor Activities

You'll also find a collection of used paperbacks, board games, and other sundry things to do, if you find yourself "pinned down" in front of the fireplace. We also welcome you to spend your time by singing in our totally equipped karaoke room and also enjoy our famous screen golf indoors.

Regardless of the season

Bring the kids

Let them run free around the grounds, and play on the swings, while you enjoy a drink on the terrace.

Contact us

Tel: 976 70100031, 70100032
Mobile: 976 99908841 (English available), 99268302
E-mail: terelj_bigsky@yahoo.com

City Center, 9th floor, Amar street 8th khoroo Sukhbaatar district Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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